KtDiD (cellobugkt) wrote,


So, I filled up my gas tank on Tuesday. I drove to school and to the cinema. On Wednesday I drove to school. Now those trips rarely use much gas, so last night when every gas station in town was full of angry people waiting to fill up, I avoided all that and just stayed home thinking I have plenty.

Plus, my mom had gone to pick up my brothers and drop off some other kids and filled up her car while out.

Or so I thought.

No, she just took my car. So now, I'm down to half a tank and she tells me to find somewhere that isn't closed to fill up. BLIMEY! I did farking fill up....*shakes head* and my paycheck is already going towards my credit card without passing go. I really don't need to add another 30-40 dollar charge for gas I DIDN'T USE!

And now I feel selfish cause here I am ranting about 40 dollars for gas which I could easily pay and there are people still in Louisiana who didn't have insurance, money, cars, any means of protecting their assets and safely leaving the state. Pooh.
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