KtDiD (cellobugkt) wrote,

An open note. Nothing to Hide.

You said I did not have to reply- and honestly, I wish I'd stuck to my guns and not checked my e-mail/updated.

I find I cannot put the past behind me.

I am sorry for whatever hurt you suffered, because I felt it too. I am doubly sorry that I still feel it was a justified reaction. As well as trifold sorry that I feel the only reason you are extending the branch is to get your property returned.

Forgive this mere mortals misgivings, but I highly doubt a word of that was heartfelt. In fact, I do not think I friendship means very much to you in the long run. And you cannot begrudge me this feeling... you tossed away our friendship like trash. And you treated me as such.

If this is what you view as petty and childish....well, then, so I am.
But I will return your property. Name the time and place.

Acquaintances remain but friends... never the same.

In other news.... I find my schooling is too wrapped up in the blasted internet for any hiatus to be fruitful as of now. Oh well. Geek internet addicts unite!

LOST tonight. I.cannot.wait. And for those who haven't caught up, I believe there will be a catchup episode airing before the premiere.
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